Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Star fruit benefits to keep body healthy and stay slim

Averrhoa Carambola or star fruit of large, more or less hand handful. Have the form of a wave-like stars and have sulfur. Not surprising that many people call as Star Fruits. It is diverse, when cooked, it will be sweet with a slightly sour taste. Second type is Avverhoa blimbi taua known as star fruit vegetables. What is called star fruit vegetables? What the fruit of this type of star fruit often found in the cooking vegetables such as tamarind or the cuisine. The form of fruit is much smaller than sweet star fruit. Star fruit vegetables generally do not form more than the fingers, light green color and has a sour taste, but refreshing.

in addition to the fresh fruit and delicious, star fruit contains vitamins that make healthy, Gynecology vitamins A and C which is held the potent antioxidants against free radicals, improving immunity. In the sweet star fruit is also rich in pectin. Pectin is able to trap cholesterol, prevent hepatitis or liver disease stiffening, and bile acids in the intestine and helps disposal. And expedite the process of useful fiber digestion. so, this is the favorite fruit of the women who want to remain slim.
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